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Choose Body-Borneman as Your Car Insurance Provider in Pennsylvania

Body-Borneman is able to offer very competitive rates due to their partnership with multiple insurance providers. The specialists at Body-Borneman insurance take pride in finding the best auto insurance for your needs.

Insurance providers offer different rates for different circumstances. Family cars usually have a lower price than sports cars, for example. Their insurance consultants will analyze your situation, the make, model and year of your car and your driving record. This is the type of information that will allow them to calculate how much the insurance providers will charge you. Depending on your situation, the consultants will find the right auto insurance provider to cover your needs.


Over 280,000 people were involved in auto accidents in 2015 in Pennsylvania. Protecting yourself and your loved ones is of the utmost importance. We all know that car insurance is an unavoidable necessity. It’s the law to have liability insurance. Accident insurance is often considered a “nice to have” option, but rarely taken. It’s more money to have general accident insurance, but with the sheer number of accidents in Pennsylvania alone, it’s much more than nice to have. It’s critical to have auto accident insurance on top of your liability insurance.

Body-Borneman insurance consultants will work with you to find the right general insurance for you at the right price. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money if you have never caused or been involved in an auto accident before. They will get you quotes from all the best insurance providers like All State, Progressive, State Farm, and others.

Proven Track Record

Body-Borneman’s commitment to customer service goes back as far as 1962. With 5 offices in Pennsylvania, they are always there to help and advise their clients. It’s that kind of customer service that makes clients stay loyal to them. Some clients have been with Body-Borneman insurance for over 20 years without complaints. The most common thing their clients say about them is how easy they make everything.

54 years of exemplary service to their clients is definitely and impressive track record. Keeping their clients safe and sound is what they do.

Classic Car Insurance

Ford Mustang is the American dream car. The rumble of the engine and slick look makes it a favorite among Pennsylvanians. Since most classic cars are older models, they don’t have the same up-to date safety systems in place as the newer models. That makes them more of a risk on the road than the newer more safety conscious vehicles. Auto Insurance providers will gauge the level of risk that your classic car has on the road and will charge you a higher rate for insurance.

Insurance providers look at things like airbag safety, tire quality, crash test reports, handling and many other factors when deciding how much to charge you for insurance. The insurance consultants at Body-Borneman will help you navigate this myriad of options to get you the best insurance for your classic car.


Insurance policies vary depending on how much they expect you to spend if your ever file a claim. Deductibles can vary depending on the type of coverage you’re claiming against. A deductible is an amount of money that you have to pay toward repairs before your insurance provider covers the rest. The insurance consultants will find the lowest deductible for you based on your circumstances. They will also take the time to explain the different options to you before making your final decision. It’s that kind of personal service that sets Body-Borneman apart from it’s competitors.

Auto-Insurance Claims

Only licensed insurance brokers can make insurance claims from insurance providers. It helps things go much smoother than if unlicensed people try to navigate the many forms needed to file a proper claim. The process for filing an auto-insurance claim is relatively simple and straightforward, however. You file a claim with your representative at Body-Borneman insurance. Tell them exactly what happened and give them all the details to the problem. From there a claims adjuster will take over the claim and fill out all the necessary documents for you. Their goal is to offer a prompt, painless and fair claim resolution with the insurance provider.

Here is some of the information you will need for your claim:

  • Name of the insurance company of the registered owner of the car and their insurance policy number.
  • Make, model, year, registration number and license plate number of the vehicle.
  • All details concerning the accident:
    • Driver’s name and driver’s license number
    • Date, time and location of the accident
    • Names of injured parties, description and extent of any injuries
    • Number and names of any passengers involved
    • Extent of damage to the automobile
    • Describe the accident and how it happened
    • Contact information of the other drivers including the names of their insurance companies
    • the license plate and vehicle identification numbers of the other vehicles