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Love your pet, do pet insurance


Everyone who owns a pet loves their furry goofy ball like a real family member. Their health and happiness becomes a priority for them. As the medical bills including veterinary medical expenses are on the rise, it is high time to consider getting a pet insurance which will cover the medical needs of your pet in bad times.

Why you should consider pet insurance

The veterinary science is rising and there are new treatments available which might cost a little higher than usual. The question is if your pet ends up getting an ongoing condition, would you be able to pay the higher expenses from your pocket. The insurance claims range from low to even quite high in cases of extreme conditions.

Things to consider before going for pet insurance

What is your pet?

Yes, I mean what pet do you own? If you are one of those cat and dog owners, you will find many insurers. There is insurance for our little friends like rabbits, hamsters and gerbils but that is debatable as they have small life spans. Pets like snakes, parrots and lizards are quite unique and you won’t find many insurers but you can look into liability insurance.

Access the risks

We must know what we up against are. Every pet comes with different problems. Pedigree dogs and cats are more prone to congenital, hereditary conditions and illnesses in general

There are also specific problems related to certain breeds like bulldogs are susceptible to respiratory problems and larger dogs are supposed to have joint problems.

What does pet insurance cover?

Like other insurance policies, pet insurance policies also vary widely. So a thorough research is required to get the right cover for your animal buddy:


Veterinary bills

The most common reason people opt for pet insurance is to pay the vet bills. But you should get a good understanding about the policy like how much it will cover and for how long. The things which can be covered include:


General vet costs that include accidents, illnesses and injuries


Hereditary and congenital conditions: These are the problem inherited by your pet and present since birth. These can’t be included under ongoing conditions. Make sure that the cover is not restricted for certain specific conditions.


Chronic ongoing conditions will be normally covered if you have a lifetime policy. Individual policies will provide different covers in a particular area.


Dental care is covered on most insurance policies but not all. Most of them insure dental damage due to accident, injuries or illnesses. Cosmetic work is not usually included.


Alternative treatments, such as homeopathy, acupuncture and physiotherapy comes under the insurance cover for your pet if your vet recommends it.


Breeding risks or pregnancy related problems are not always included. You must make sure that it is ensured before going for breeding. Spaying or neutering will usually result in an insurance premium reduction for your pet.

Keep your two, four, six or no legged buddy happy!