Why Should You Get Health Insurance?

If you are young and healthy, you may not worry too much about visiting a doctor. As such, you may feel that signing up for health insurance is a waste of time and money. While you may not necessarily feel that signing up for health insurance is needed right away after reading this piece, it may give you a slightly different outlook on things. There are many advantages of signing up for health insurance and some may not be obvious.

You Will Save on Taxes

It may not be the most popular measure implemented in the Affordable Care Act, but the tax penalty has certainly been a motivator for many people to sign up. The tax penalty for not signing up for health insurance will be $695 on 2016 taxes per individual. With the elections looming, there is no telling whether the penalty will be in effect next year, but if it is it will probably be even more expensive. You can make your tax filing a little easier and put some money back in your pocket by signing up for insurance.

Preventative Care Is Covered

Preventative care like annual check-ups, womens’ wellness exams, and some types of screenings for medical conditions are covered by health insurance. Many of these are paid for outside of the deductible, so it is important to make sure you understand how a policy works before signing up for it. By going for these simple tests and visits, you can establish a relationship with a doctor and stay on top of your health.

You Have an Emergency Plan

If you break your arm, become very ill, or develop a chronic condition, health insurance can help to mitigate the expenses associated with these issues in a real way. You may save thousands of dollars paying for treatments. You may also expedite your recovery so that you are able to return to work and your favorite activities faster. In some cases, you may prevent the issue from worsening and causing lasting damage in your life.

You Help Society to Stay Healthier

When people that are generally healthy pay into the insurance system, it helps to provide a cushion for those that have medical conditions and rely more heavily on insurance to help with regular expenses. By paying into this system when young and healthy, you help to keep society healthier overall and work to ensure that the same cushion will be available for you when you need it. In this way, signing up for health insurance can actually help to improve society in small ways.

Call your local health insurance agency today to find out about signing up for insurance. Open enrollment is just around the corner, or you may even be eligible for a special enrollment period.